Thankfully education agencies are prioritizing an increased level of security in the tools they procure and use to control access and ensure student data privacy. We’re glad to be there with our education agencies, tackling this problem and creating solutions that can help solve the challenge. In the years since Ed-Fi started we’ve come a long way, but there is still plenty of work to be done. In addition to providing secure solutions, we still focus heavily on raising awareness around this issue.

Compared with just a few years ago, more schools, districts, and vendors understand the significance of this issue and are looking for the right platforms and tools to comply with state and federal regulations. Many of our partners are meeting those legal requirements and going a step beyond, making sure their systems are safe and sound in every way.

“You’re never going to have less data than you have today,” our President Troy Wheeler points out. “We think it’s really important to harness that for good, to make sure it’s secure, and to keep it as close to the classroom as possible.” Raising awareness is still extremely necessary, and sharing success stories from Ed-Fi Community members is the most effective way for us to illustrate what best practices in safe and secure student data really looks like.

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