The Summit is only a few weeks away! As you’re planning your schedule, here’s more info on this year’s biggest sessions. These are the talks we think everyone in attendance will benefit from. It’s important for all of us—technologists, educators, and ed-tech vendors alike—to collectively witness these important discussions on where the sector is headed. 

Here are the keynote sessions taking place at this year’s event:

Monday, September 30th

Welcome & Call to Action by Troy Wheeler 

Ed-Fi’s President Troy Wheeler has a powerful message to share at this year’s Summit about the concept of “data neutrality” and why it’s mission-critical that education agencies are empowered to fully own their own data. It’s time for the sector to climb to higher ground regarding student data, for the sake of all students and teachers.

Kickoff Keynote by Talithia Williams

Dr. Williams has made it her life’s work to get people of all ages and backgrounds excited about the bold possibilities of a STEM education and to “STEMpower” women and minorities to enter these professions. Talithia will set the scene for this year’s Summit, demystifying data in amusing and insightful ways and exploring the potential data can unlock for our education system.

Mega Trends in Education by Jim Federico at Microsoft 

This presentation on what’s new in education and what’s to come will be delivered by Microsoft’s Principal Product Manager in Education, Jim Federico. In this role, Jim leads the formation and execution of Microsoft’s education product and services roadmap and most importantly, he listens hard to teacher and student feedback. Jim’s current passion project involves bringing the value of rich data systems and analytics to all education institutions worldwide. 

Tuesday, October 1st

Does the Cloud Matter? by Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab at Amazon Web Services 

Is cloud computing really just “someone else’s computer,” as the t-shirt says? As more and more districts and states use Ed-Fi to manage their student data and cloud computing becomes more commonplace, district leaders are asking the hard questions and beginning to wonder when they should start thinking about using the cloud to host their Ed-Fi environment. Join Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, Head of the Global Education Solutions Team at AWS, on the keynote stage as he seeks to answer the question: Does the cloud matter?

Big Ideas in Education Fireside Chat with the Ed-Fi Leadership Council

This session will engage superintendents and other members of the Ed-Fi Leadership Council to discuss big ideas in education and the use of data and technology to impact learning. We will explore improving schools, and how we move the needle for all kids. Summit attendees will leave lunchtime session with a sense of purpose for the work we do and why each of our roles in education data and technology is essential for creating graduates ready for life.


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