The Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is composed of organizations with technical expertise in Ed-Fi technology and in the technology domains critical to meeting the goals and mission of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi Community.

The TAG provides technical guidance and input on the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap, technical artifacts, and technology decisions relating to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Implementation Suite.

I want to take a moment to thank the 2017-2018 TAG and their many accomplishments, including:

  • Raised to prominence the community struggles with data quality, and then drove current community work around data quality and validation. These insights are shaping how Ed-Fi Technology and Data Standard can best support these processes. In fact, there’s a session on these design concepts at the upcoming Technical Congress (where we’ll be unveiling the members of the 2018-2019 TAG). 
  • Worked on Ed-Fi Enumerations, which looked at how to support diverse enumeration sets for different use cases in the Ed-Fi suite.
  • Helped guide the conversation around standardization—including API validations, community support for common metrics, the concept of “composite” APIs, and differential/event-driven APIs.  

2017-2018 Technical Advisory Group Members

  • Arizona Department of Education, Henry Williams
  • Certica Solutions, Geoff McElhanon
  • Double Line Partners, Matt Warden
  • Florida CODE / NEFEC, Sherod Keen
  • Infinite Campus, Jon Berry
  • Michigan Data Hub / KRESA, Don Dailey
  • Placid Consulting, Silvia Brunet-Jones
  • Portland Public Schools, Travis Paakki
  • Skyward Inc., Tim Casey
  • Texas Education Agency, Fuat Aki
  • UPD Consulting, Mark Reichert
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Dan Retzlaff

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