We are just 31 days away from the Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp! It’s right around the corner and our entire team is heads-down working on some exciting announcements and many informative and engaging sessions. This year there are over 75 sessions, most of which are being led by you, our Ed-Fi Community leaders!

Our goal is to keep the Summit & Bootcamp fun, informative, valuable and most importantly an excellent use of your time. When you leave, we hope you are equipped to kick-start your Ed-Fi implementation and empowered to continue to explore the myriad of ways that data can be used to support educators and students.

An important dynamic that happens at the Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp is that we have an almost even mix between educators and technology providers. In 2017, 51% of Summit attendees were educators and 49% were tech providers. Keeping this near 50/50 split is critical as we seek to bring the message of interoperability to both audiences and we recognize that we need both groups to create change in the marketplace and ultimately for students.

To that end, and in recognition that leaders from state and local education agencies often have budget limitations, we have offered discounted registrations for education agency attendees.  The cool thing about doing this is that, it’s completely supported and underwritten by our partners through sponsorship.

Without sponsorship from companies like:

  • AWS,
  • Certica Solutions,
  • UPD Consulting,
  • CELT Corporation,
  • Data Quality Campaign,
  • Doubleline Partners,
  • Edupoint,
  • Hoonuit, and

we wouldn’t be able to offer this discount and still cover the cost of the event. But more importantly, the involvement of these organizations in the work of the Ed-Fi Alliance signifies that they are with us, and they are committed to bringing the benefits of data interoperability to educators. Their support, expertise and knowledge has a huge impact on our community,  which is why sponsors are so important.  On behalf of the Ed-Fi Community we want to extend a huge thank you and sincere appreciation to this year’s sponsors for being an active part of our community and helping to move the needle for educators and learners. 

The 2018 Summit & Bootcamp is ramping up to be the biggest and best event yet. If you have already registered, you are in for a great experience. And, if you haven’t yet registered– do it today, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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