AUSTIN, Texas – December 11, 2012 – Troy Wheeler has been named VP Strategic Market Development for the Ed-Fi solution team. Wheeler previously served as the CIO for the Idaho Department of Education.  In that capacity, he was responsible for Idaho’s state education data management systems, including a $21M public-private partnership to implement statewide teacher data tools for personalized instruction. He also played a critical role in the development and implementation of a comprehensive education reform package that included $350M in technology investments for Idaho classrooms.

“Troy’s background and experience as a State Education Agency leader will help ensure that the Ed-Fi solution continues to meet the real world problems of integrating and using data effectively to improve student outcomes,” said Lori Fey, Director, Policy Initiatives, US Education at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. “Likewise, his experience will work to ensure strong working relationships with licensees and a vibrant and growing vendor community.”

“I have devoted the last several years of my career to delivering meaningful, timely and actionable information to the place where it matters most, the classroom. I am thrilled to join the team to extend those efforts,” said Wheeler.  “The need to ensure usable data in the classroom has never been greater, and the Ed-Fi initiative provides me with the best opportunity to make usability a reality for teachers and students no matter where they live or go to school. ”

Wheeler studied mechanical engineering and management information systems at Boise State University. He has been working on education solutions in the high tech industry since 1988.

About the Ed-Fi solution
We connect the data from start to finish. The Ed-Fi solution exists to make a difference for millions of kids…one teacher, one class, one child at a time by transforming data into insights that make it easier for teachers to teach, for students to learn and for schools to succeed. The Ed-Fi solution is a universal educational data standard and tool suite (unifying data model, data exchange framework, application framework, and sample dashboard source code) that enables vital academic information on K-12 students to be consolidated from the different data systems of school districts while leaving the management and governance of data within those districts and states. Ed-Fi components act as a universal translator of academic data, integrating and organizing information so that educators can start addressing the individual needs of each student from day one, and can measure progress and refine action plans throughout the school year.

Developed by Double Line Partners through funding from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Ed-Fi solution can be licensed from the Ed-Fi Alliance free of charge by districts, state education agencies and vendors. Licensees gain unrestricted access to all Ed-Fi components and maintain ownership of derivative works. For more information, visit


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