As we navigate the new year, you may feel like not a whole lot has changed. We are still amid a pandemic and many of us are trying to tackle the same challenges that we faced in the previous year. Rest assured, we at Ed-Fi stand with you and we are ready to help you now and as you move forward.

The Ed-Fi TPDM team knows that understanding your program and your educator candidates is at the forefront of your mind – as the need for highly qualified and effectively prepared educators is essential for the success of our students in classroom now more than ever. We know you need to be able to understand what is happening in your program to improve it. Quality, connected data, unleashes your ability to spend less time coordinating data and more time using data for action.

It is for that reason we sought to understand the areas of importance to you. The development of our EPP Starter Kits provides an easy-entry point for EPPS to use data to better understand essential components of their programs. Ed- Fi kicked off the Starter Kits with the release of the Program Diversity and Persistence Starter Kit, providing insight into the retention of diverse educator candidates. In a few weeks, the Clinical Experience and Performance Starter Kit will be available and we look forward to getting the Ed-Fi Community involved. Be on the lookout for more information to come!

Refinement of the Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) with the version 1.0 upgrade was released in early 2021brought bringing further alignment to the Ed-Fi Core and offers many improvements to the model. The full list of updates can be found in our Model Updates page, and download and installation instructions can be found in our Getting Started page.

As teachers, data McGyvers and interoperability enthusiast, we need our Ed-Fi Community to provide insight! Our work is only advanced by your input and perspective from your vantage point in the field. Our TPDM Work Group is a wonderful way to engage with others in the Community and provide your insight to real challenges happening in the field. Additionally, we will be organizing and facilitating a Sub-group to help us both deepen understanding of areas like field experience and application and ultimately take action on the recommendations. We invite EPP representatives who are willing to dive into the details of these areas to join.

If you’re interested in participating in any of the mentioned activities, or have questions about anything please email Lindsey Judd, Community Manager at . Let this year be the year we tackle interoperability challenges together and get clearer on the questions that you need to  help future teachers and students succeed.

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