Ed-Fi’s decision making is effective because leaders representing every area of the education technology sector are stepping up, volunteering their time and expertise. We run work groups around major topics identified by our community at events to conduct research and identify the best solutions for all involved.

When we say we’re community-led, we mean it.

Here’s a look at our active Community Work Groups and where they are in the problem-solving process:

Community Work GroupInitiative Understand Community Needs What's Involved? Propose Early Solutions What's Involved? Propose Community Solutions What's Involved? Solicit Feedback to Available Solution What's Involved? Solution Finalized What's Involved?
Assessment WorkgroupAssessment Certification Data Gathering Current        
Formative Assessments Current        
Cross-Indexing Learning Standards       Current  
Social Emotional Learning       Current  
Learning App Usage   Current      
Finance WorkgroupFinance API       Current  
Reporting and Visualization Work GroupTechnical MVP     Current    
Special Education WorkgroupUse Case Definition Current        
Teacher Preparation WorkgroupSurvey API         Current
TPDM Model & API   Current      
Internationalization WorkgroupInternationalize Ed-Fi Core Model Current        

The following groups and individuals are currently spearheading our advisory groups and work groups—conducting research, sharing knowledge, and contributing to key community-led decisions.

The Leadership Council

The education community as a whole is, as it should be, always evolving. New ideas and initiatives constantly push us to rethink what student success means, how we measure it, and how we support it. We launched our Leadership Council to keep the goal of student success as our north star at all levels of our community governance. 

We look to this Leadership Council to help us understand the direction that education policy and practice is headed and how we can develop technologies to meet the needs of tomorrow. Members of this council include state education agency leaders, superintendents, university leaders, and key community partners positioned to push our thinking on how data should be used to support student learning and outcomes.

  • Susan Bunting, Secretary of Education, Delaware Department of Education
  • Kirsten Baesler, Superintendent of Public Instruction, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
  • Margie Vandeven, Commissioner of Education, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Kelly Staley, Superintendent, Chico Unified School District (CA)
  • Scott Muri, Superintendent, Ector County Independent School District (TX)
  • James Tager, Superintendent, Flagler County Public Schools (FL)
  • Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Executive Vice President, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  • Carissa Moffat Miller, Executive Director, Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Ross Santy, Associate Commissioner, National Center for Education Statistics

The 2020-2021 Governance Advisory Team

Our Governance Advisory Team serves as the formal liaison between the Ed-Fi Community and our internal team, coordinating the collection and review of educator, IT, and business perspectives. They’re working closely with the Ed-Fi team to ensure our governance structure is democratic, effective, and that all voices of the sector are heard.

Work Groups and Technical Advisory Group
  • Dean Folkers, Nebraska Department of Education (Assessment Work Group)
  • John Raub, Wisconsin Department of Instruction (Finance Work Group)
  • Billy Buchanan, Fayette County Public Schools (Reporting and Visualization Work Group)
  • Monica Hogan, Boston Public Schools (Special Education Work Group)
  • Mark Olofson, Texas Education Agency (Teacher Prep Work Group)
  • Doug Quinton, PowerSchool (Technical Advisory Group)
At Large
  • Happy Miller, Rio Rancho Public Schools
  • Mark Racine, Boston Public Schools
  • Satish Pattisapu, Arizona Department of Education
  • Jennifer Downey, Infinite Campus
  • Eric Miller, Illuminate
Ed-Fi Alliance and MSDF
  • Chris Moffatt (GAT Chair)
  • Troy Wheeler (Ex-Officio)
  • Maureen Wentworth (Ed-Fi Product Management)
  • Jami O’Toole, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Community Workgroups

These community-led groups are devoted to specific areas of focus and form the foundation of our governance structure. The community workgroups currently active include:


Led by Dean Folkers, Nebraska Department of Education and Ted Dwyer, Pittsburgh Public Schools


Led by John Raub, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Jill Aurand, Nebraska Department of Education

Data Reporting & Visualization 

Led by Billy Buchanan, Fayette County Public Schools and Marcos Alcozer, InnovateEDU

Special Education

Led by Monica Hogan, Boston Public Schools

Teacher Prep Data Model

Led by Mark Olofson, Texas Education Agency and Tiffany Fernandez, Relay Graduate School of Education


Leader To Be Determined

The 2020-21 Technical Advisory Group

The Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group digs deep into the gnarly technical issues blocking our community’s collective path toward more secure, useful student data. This year, the following individuals are devoting significant time and resources to furthering the Ed-Fi mission by serving on our Technical Advisory Group.

  • Arizona Department of Education – Britto Augustine
  • Certica Solutions – Jim McKay
  • Education Analytics – Andrew Rice
  • EdWire – Jean-Francois Guertin
  • Greenville County Schools – Jeffrey Miller
  • Indiana University INsite – Rosh Dhanawade
  • InnovateEDU – Marcos Alcozer
  • PowerSchool Group LLC – Doug Quinton
  • San Diego County Office of Education – J. Pablo Rodriguez
  • Skyward Inc. – Josh Reimer
  • Spring Branch ISD – Troy Neal
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction– Tom Christensen


  • Ed-Fi Alliance, Eric Jansson
  • Ed-Fi Alliance, Chris Moffatt

Ed-Fi Community members can view all of our community work groups, as well as our special interest groups, in TechDocs (Ed-Fi Community login required). You can contact governance@ed-fi.org to get involved!