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Ed-Fi in Action

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Uncommon Schools: Simplifying Systems & Tools With Ed-Fi

“We have schools in three different states and that can often pose a challenge, so Ed-Fi is really crucial in allowing us to collect the data in a unified way and allowing our systems to speak to one another. Ed-Fi is the perfect fit for us because it really provides us the opportunity to speak with other organizations and districts, hear about what they’re doing, share what we’ve done that’s worked well, and hopefully come up with better solutions in the future.”

-Laura Ginsberg, IT Project Manager
Uncommon Schools

Getting Data into the Hands of Educators in Volusia County Schools

When your district is smoothly rolling, looking at data, your teachers have access to everything immediately at their fingertips… it’s invaluable.”

-Matt Houston, IT Manager
Volusia County Schools

Ed-Fi Alliance and Certica Solutions

Now, education agencies will have access to the same useful and valuable information within the Ed-Fi ODS/API so they can manage, map and update their assessment and instructional data, aligned to learning standards. Our hope is that this access will empower and support education agencies in their mission to achieve a 360-degree view of student progress.

-Mark Rankovic, President & CEO
Certica Solutions


Accuracy, Savings, and Efficiency at the Arizona Department of Education

“There were so many enhancements and processes we could achieve because of the standardization that we brought in in partnership with Ed-Fi. It used to take several days to do a day’s worth of data processing, which we can currently achieve in less than four hours every single day.”

-Satish Pattisapu, CIO
Arizona Department of Education

Ed-Fi & Amazon Web Services

“Ultimately, all of this is about the benefit for the students and teachers. That’s why we wanted to simplify the process of using a standard like Ed-Fi… what used to take hours can now be done in minutes.”

-Mark Luetzelschwab, Global Education Solutions Lead
Amazon Web Services

Dallas Promise: Leveraging Ed-Fi Technology for College & Career Readiness

Since our collaborative’s inception, financial aid completion at participating high schools has increased 7%. Enrollment in the Dallas County Community College District has increased 35%. None of this would have been possible without Ed-Fi.”

-Eric Ban, Director
Dallas Promise