Eidex LLC, now part of Munetrix, is a data reporting and analytics platform specifically designed for K-12 schools in the United States.

Product Name: Eidex PRISM

  • Type: Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge

  • Valid Through: August 9, 2025

  • Implementation Verification: Michigan Data Hub

  • Version Compatibility: Ed-Fi ODS API for Suite 2 v2.5 and Suite 3 v3.1

  • Product Availability: MI, IN

  • Data Mapping: https://techdocs.ed-fi.org/download/attachments/64689903/Eidex%20Ed-Fi%20Badge%20Application%20July%202023.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1691603649910&api=v2 https://techdocs.ed-fi.org/download/attachments/64689903/Eidex%20Mapping%20Document.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1691603324797&api=v2

  • Sample Documentation: http://portal.eiexinsights.com/