Is my student improving and making progress? That’s a key question every educator, administrator, and parent wants to know, yet it’s challenging to gather all of the relevant data points in order to answer this question with confidence!

Within the Ed-Fi Community, solving this challenge has been labeled “Essential Question 24” or EQ24 (because we like to make things shorter!) A group of Ed-Fi Community members has been working on bringing data sets together in order to provide a method and a template that would help tackle this challenge by leveraging and aligning formative, interim, and summative assessment data. And now as we navigate distance learning due to COVID-19 realities, these connected data points have never been more important for getting an entire picture of student progress.

Join the Ed-Fi team for this interactive webinar to explore how to bring multiple measure of assessment together, which districts are already doing this and how you can leverage this model for your own school district.