When a crisis hits we all want to be prepared. Whether it’s the current COVID-19 lockdown measures, a natural disaster or other extenuating circumstance, crisis preparedness and planning is critical for State Education Agencies. Often these agencies are on the front lines of supporting citizens because they house sensitive and valuable student data that can be immensely helpful in getting much needed support services to students and families across their state.

Join us for this interactive webinar where we’ll highlight three states that had the leadership and foresight to prepare their data architecture ahead of time and how its paying off now and in times of crisis.

In each example we’ll demonstrate how the Ed-Fi Community has come to the aide of agencies as they pivot and respond to disaster and why having the Ed-Fi data architecture at the core of these systems proved to be a valuable investment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How an Ed-Fi infrastructure is designed to be flexible and durable when agencies need to respond quickly with secure, real-time data.
  2. How the Ed-Fi community provides support as agencies take on new challenges
  3. How Ed-Fi data can be used or extended in three specific ways to respond to the current crisis

Missed the webinar? Watch a recording of Lessons From the Front Lines: Disaster Preparedness and Response at State Education Agencies