Join EdFi Alliance’s Cesare Tise and Sean Casey in this upcoming webinar to discover how:

  • Interoperability fosters a healthy tech ecosystem and learning environment
  • Access to data in a single, secure platform gives teachers a complete, essential view of student progress
  • Teachers can use interoperable data to target individual learning needs to differentiate instruction

Integrated tools and data provide more meaningful information. As a result, educators are empowered to drive more visible student growth.  

Learn how secure data sharing across edtech systems uncovers areas where students most need support. Our presenters will discuss the ways interoperability puts actionable insights in the hands of teachers who can use it to make a difference in students’ lives. 

Deepen your interoperability understanding from Ed-Fi Alliance experts. You’ll gain insight and tips on how to: 

  • Drive evidence-backed learning decisions and student success by combining the right edtech solutions  
  • Set achievable and attainable goals to power your district’s vision for interoperability 
  • See a complete picture of what’s happening in your classroom