Join this technical deep dive with Shannon Kerlick (LEA Solution Architect) and Jason Hoekstra (Senior Program Manager) to look into new functionality in Admin App as strongly requested by the Ed-Fi community.  The Ed-Fi ODS / API has a robust claim set security model to provide fine-grained permissions to connected applications.  Default claim sets and technical documentation are provided to utilize this claim set security model, however it is recognized as an involved, complex process for IT Administrators and DBAs to implement with the necessary SQL scripting required.  Ed-Fi has listened and actioned on these requests.  On this webinar, we will share enhancements to Admin App 1.8 with a graphical user experience to make the important process of claim set editing much easier and expand users who can perform these operations.

  • Ed-Fi ODS / API and Admin App Overview
  • What are claim sets and why are they important to securing application data interchange?
  • Claim Set Editing with Admin App 1.8
  • Import and Exporting Claim Sets
  • Q & A