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Educator Prep Programs

Tackle Program Diversity and Persistence with Data

All students can benefit from having a more diverse teaching workforce.

Siloed Data Sources Make it Harder to Understand Blockers for Retaining Diverse Candidates and Ensuring Their Success

Recruiting teacher candidates is a pervasive problem across all teacher categories but is even more pronounced when recruiting for diverse teachers. Once recruited, retaining diverse teacher candidates also faces its challenges, as studies indicate that the proportion of teacher candidates of color decreases at multiple points in the teacher pipeline. Without connected data, this information is even harder to analyze and find solutions. 

Projected number of new teachers needed by 2025

By 2025, an estimated 316,000 new teachers will be needed each year, according to research in 2016.

Teachers that identify as a person of color

While nearly eight in ten public school students identify as a person of color, according to recent national data.

Likelihood of college enrollment

By Black students if they have had at least two Black teachers by third grade (NBER, 2018).

Dr. Lindsey Judd

Community Manager • Ed-Fi Alliance

"Data shines a light on this issue and helps us to address it. Multiple data sets can show where racial and ethnic subgroups meet challenges or drop off from the teacher pipeline. Connected data will help leverage program improvements and allow for initiatives aimed at providing meaningful support structures for racial and ethnically diverse teacher candidates. "

Common Questions Before You Get Started

  • How much will this cost?

    Ed Fi is free and open. However, there may be implementation costs depending on a number of factors.

  • How much time will this take?

    Implementing Ed-Fi with the Teacher Prep Data Model (TPDM) can vary depending on the number of use cases being implemented and the sources of data. For program diversity and persistence, most of the data comes from your Student Information System and should be on the lower end of time to implement. 

  • What if the model doesn't have a place for the data I need?

    We review issues and plan new releases of TPDM, so there’s a good chance we can help you. Once you create an Ed-Fi Account you’ll be able to access the current model and see if it fits your needs. If not, you can submit a ticket through Ed-Fi Tracker (Ed-Fi’s ticketing system) to request more information and to work with us to get you what is most helpful.

  • Who (and what roles) should be involved?

    We recommend forming a core team of champions to tackle Program Diversity and Persistence with data:

    – Program and Data Leads – Deans, Faculty, Analysts, and Assessment Coordinators

    – IT Leads – System administrators

  • What technology will I need?

    To start your prototype you’ll need an installation of PowerBI Desktop. You will also need to download the sample report provided. If you would like to explore the full Ed-Fi TPDM sample dataset, you will need SQL Server 2016 or 2017.

Get Started with Ed-Fi to Tackle Program Diversity and Persistence

Our goal is to make implementing Ed-Fi for Educator Prep Programs as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can start seeing the trajectory of teacher candidates through the pipeline and provide timely support where needed. Use our step-by-step implementation guide to tackle program diversity and persistence.

Option 1

Do It Yourself

Our Quick Start Guide leads users through the quickest possible path to deploying a working version of the Program Diversity and Persistence reports using a small sample data set on a single computer without consideration for advanced configurations.

Step 1


Download pre-designed Program Diversity and Persistence PowerBI files to help you bring your teacher candidate data together.

Step 2


Install Power BI Desktop on your computer. If you already have Power BI Desktop, you can skip this step.

Step 3

Open & View

Open the Program Diversity and Persistence sample report. This report includes the data to illustrate program diversity and program persistence visualization.

Get the Starter Kit

Option 2

Work with Tech Vendors

If you are interested in learning more about engaging an education technology partner to assist you, please contact Lindsey Judd, Community Manager, Teacher Prep Data Model at

Contact Lindsey

Option 3

Share with a Colleague

Want to start your Ed-Fi journey but need to get other teammates involved? Send them an email with a link to this page to share this important information with them and start building your data team.

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Lindsey Judd

Community Manager, Teacher Prep Data Model

Steven Arnold

Technical Program Manager