Who Benefits

We Support School Districts

At last, all of your district data is in one place. Using Ed-Fi, you’ll be able to make sense of it—creating a framework for how you can quickly address your evolving teaching needs. From individual students to district-wide aggregate reports, Ed-Fi empowers administrators to make strategic decisions based on comprehensive, secure, and accurate decision-support tools.

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We Support Teachers

You want to give each student the most personalized education possible. Without giving up your weekends and evenings, pulling together student data from all of your systems and tools—and then presenting it to you clearly—Ed-Fi lets you see exactly what each student needs to excel.

How Ed-Fi Supports Educators

We Support State Education Agencies

States across the U.S. are adopting Ed-Fi’s data standard. That’s because it’s the most secure, reliable way of integrating the data coming from every school district. Ed-Fi empowers state agencies to distribute resources smartly, and craft policy based on what’s really happening in classrooms.

How States Are Succeeding on Ed-Fi

We Support Ed-Tech Partners

With Ed-Fi, developers of educational technology tools finally have a common language—and can ensure their products are more valuable to school districts. Technology consultants, system integrators and vendors, meanwhile, find value using Ed-Fi because it enables scalable solutions, drives down cost and time to market by creating predictable data structures.

Why Become an Ed-Fi Partner