Ed-Fi fundamentally transforms how educators and administrators utilize their information. By connecting a school’s multiple data systems—and turning that data into actionable insights—Ed-Fi is already improving instruction across the country.

Common Language

For years, educators have been drowning under spreadsheets—trying to make sense of data points that don’t match up, are inaccurate, or simply missing.

The Ed-Fi Data Standard changes that by ensuring all systems speak a “common language.” One system records student information the same way as the next, and all of it ends up in the same secure place.

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Know Everything

To deliver the highest-quality instruction possible, educators need to be supported by data. They need grades, behavior histories, curriculum notes, attendance records, health data—everything. The more a teacher knows about her students, the more effectively she can craft her lessons.

By bringing together multiple data systems—and offering tools to turn the data into something usable—Ed-Fi is empowering educators with total insight. They can now see everything about students, both individually and as an entire district or state.

Read how InnovateEDU Uses Ed-Fi Technology to Scale Personalized Learning for Small Districts and Individual Schools.

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In Your Control

Security and privacy are everything—especially when it comes to student data. That’s why Ed-Fi is deeply committed to ensuring that all of your systems are protected at every step. From the moment data is entered into software powered by the Ed-Fi Data Standard to the moment it’s transformed into usable reports, it is subject to your latest authorization and permission standards.

Your student data is always in your control. Ed-Fi will never have access to any of your systems.

See how Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District in Michigan gets local control and timely insights with Ed-Fi technology.

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Zero Fees

As a nonprofit fully funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi is offered for no licensing fees—freeing up funds to be used on other critical projects. And once Ed-Fi is implemented, schools finally gain the insights they need to make savvier, data-driven decisions about where to invest their precious resources. On both the front- and back-end, Ed-Fi is a major cost savings for school districts large and small.

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Nonstop Improvement

The Ed-Fi Alliance is the group of educators and technologists who are constantly improving the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Ed-Fi Technology. This team of education technology experts help shape the tools, data practices, and security standards that make Ed-Fi the premier solution in the country.

The Ed-Fi Alliance is the heartbeat of the Ed-Fi movement. We are always eager to hear educators and administrators who are finding new ways to make the most of the data integration that Ed-Fi provides.

Learn more about the Ed-Fi Alliance.

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Scalable & Flexible

Flexibility is built into the Ed-Fi Data Standard. It’s designed to be quickly scaled to each school district or state’s unique needs. Don’t track a particular type of data? No problem, Ed-Fi is ready. Record every single thing about your students across countless data systems? No problem, Ed-Fi is ready.

And over time, as your district grows and evolves, Ed-Fi can shift with you. In fact, that’s the whole point of Ed-Fi: To adapt seamlessly and securely to the shifting landscape of educational technology.

See how Skyward, Inc. quickly deployed Ed-Fi.

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