Teachers know the routine: One app to track behavior and attendance.  Another to plan lessons and manage student assignments, alongside a myriad of helpful niche tools and applications. And each tool tracks different data points in wildly different formats.

Before Ed-Fi, teachers spent countless hours entering data that sits trapped—unconnected and practically unusable—in a series of ever-changing “tools.” But by connecting all student data systems, Ed-Fi empowers educators to deliver personalized learning driven by real information.

With Ed-Fi, Teachers can:

  • Gain a complete view of every student’s situation
  • See the effects of their work quickly and obviously
  • Make the most of technology instead of being weighed down by it
  • Share their insights with parents and administrators
  • Back up what they already know with accurate data

No more wasted hours spent logging into endless pieces of software only to never see the fruits of these efforts. Ed-Fi is a nationwide standard for how educational data is recorded, secured, and seamlessly connected.

Ed-Fi is a Game Changer

By delivering a complete view of each student—everything from grades to behavior to curriculum to attendance, etc.—Ed-Fi gives teachers the opportunity to teach uniquely.

How Ed-Fi Impacts the Classroom:

  • Group students who are more likely to work well together
  • Select a lesson type that students will engage with
  • Quickly incorporate new students
  • Identify trends in behavior and what may be influencing them
  • Deliver action plans to parents and fellow educators

This is merely the tip of the giant data iceberg. Ed-Fi reveals these insights—and it’s already transforming education technology across the country.

Ed-Fi is Mission-Driven

Ed-Fi is a nonprofit organization fully funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

Our mission: To boost student achievement by empowering educators with comprehensive insight into their students using a simple, secure standard that connects all educational data systems.

Ed-Fi is Easy to Use

Ed-Fi isn’t yet another app to download. There’s not a millionth password to remember. Instead, Ed-Fi’s Data Standard is the set of rules that your existing data systems use to share their data. Technology fueled by Ed-Fi can put all of your student onto the same playing field—while also making it easy to see and analyze.