Ed-Fi brings together all of a school district’s data onto a single, secure platform—making it possible to have a complete view of what’s happening across every classroom. Now, district administrators, academic officers, and superintendents can make fully-informed decisions.

How Ed-Fi Improves District Decisions

School districts sit atop millions of data points. As more technology makes its way into the classroom, teachers are taking advantage of it—using apps and software to manage curriculum, grades, social and emotional learning, etc.

And so, over the course of their academic career, each student collects countless pieces of information.  Imagine if a school district could bring all of that information into view.

  • Imagine if administrators could ask big questions about student performance and get instant answers.
  • Imagine if principals could instantly identify trends in their schools.
  • Imagine if teachers could see—accurately and quickly—how best to deliver personalized learning to every student.

Simply put, Ed-Fi unlocks imagination.

How Student Data Was Handled (Before Ed-Fi)

Until now, every piece of educational technology—every spreadsheet, software, app, and student information system—has stored data in its own unique, completely disconnected way.

Consider the idea of “learning mastery”:

Teachers want to know whether their students are mastering particular topics. For each test they administer, teachers must record which students master the test’s objective. This helps them craft their lesson plans and give extra attention to students who are struggling with specific concepts.

But getting there requires compiling a massive spreadsheet for every quiz, test, or project. It’s a time-consuming chore. Errors are easy to make. And whatever insights the spreadsheet may offer are usually trapped in an incomprehensible jumble of numbers and names.

Trying to integrate these two standalone systems has long been a technical nightmare. Inaccuracies abound. Huge data gaps remain. And the time spent cobbling together a data integration is expensive and inefficient.


Your Data is Always Your Data

Ed-Fi will never have access to your educational information. Each school district will retain complete control and possession of its data at all times. Ed-Fi is as a simple framework allowing district data systems connect in a seamless way.

Your Data is Secure

Privacy and security our Ed-Fi’s top priorities.

Before any enhancements are made to the Ed-Fi Data Standard or technology solutions, the first question we ask is: Will data remain completely secure?

Use the Technology You Prefer

Once a school district adopts the Ed-Fi Data Standard, they can empower teachers to select the technology they want to use in the classroom. Because all data is recorded the same way, Ed-Fi frees up districts, principals, and teachers to pick the best tools available without worrying about whether it “fits.

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