With Ed-Fi, students, parents, school administrators and educators are empowered with a complete picture of student progress at their fingertips and in real time. Ed-Fi is a system that school technologists use to organize, secure and integrate valuable information points; everything from attendance to quiz grades and career readiness to bus schedules. In most schools, all of these systems are separate and the information can be hard to access for busy educators.

Ed-Fi allows schools to pull in data from many different systems, so that a true, real time and complete picture of your student surfaces enabling educators to do what they do best, support student success all along the way.

Security & Privacy

A complete, real-time picture of student progress is valuable information for educators, parents and students. And this critical and sensitive information deserves the highest standard of security and privacy. When schools adopt Ed-Fi they move away from the practice of unencrypted spreadsheet sharing and into a system that is secure and controlled only by their school district so that only the right people can access the right information at the right time.