The Ed-Fi team looks forward every year to the Summit, we love seeing our friends and connecting with new Community members. And, as you all know we had to cancel the Summit last year, so this year is going to be extra special!

As of this blog post we have approximately 500 people attending the Summit either virtually or in-person; evenly split between the two formats. This is about what we expected, especially as we emerge from restricted travel due to the pandemic. And actually we have more in-person attendees than I initially thought we would have, which is fantastic.

What’s more impressive is that our partners have stepped up for us in a big way. I don’t have to tell this audience the importance of vendor support in achieving interoperability; you already know. Having vendors that are true partners and who are committed to support education agencies as they navigate the effective use of data is huge advantage. We often talk about helping districts, states and educator prep programs solve big challenges with data and vendors that support these goals can be extremely helpful; which is why I am encouraged by the support that these companies have demonstrated by sponsoring the 2021 Summit.

A big THANK YOU to our friends and partners at Amazon Web Services, Instructure, Innive and Google Cloud, PowerSchool and Microsoft as this year’s Gold Sponsors. ClassLink, Data Quality Campaign and Inteport as our Silver Sponsors.

Not only do these companies want to support your efforts with interoperability they also play an important role at underwriting the cost of hosting the Summit so that more education agencies can attend at lower rates that are in-line with tight budgets.

Take a moment to thank a sponsor while you are attending the Summit this year, either in-person at the Community Hall or virtually at their virtual sponsor room in the Summit website.

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