Helping Agencies Make that First Connection

Earlier this week, I was having trouble getting my headset to connect to my computer. Sound familiar?

After a while I managed to click the right buttons, and now it works great.

Connecting two enterprise systems is in some ways no different: getting things setup initially can present a number of small challenges. Here at the Ed-Fi Alliance we have noticed that new Community members can have difficulty getting initial connections between their vendor systems and the open-source Ed-Fi platform up and running.

The issues vary: agency unfamiliarity with the Ed-Fi API technology, vendor version support issues or configuration, or local network setup are all areas we have seen interfere with this initial connection. Sometimes, someone just makes a copy-paste mistake. There is frequently some gremlin to deal with, just as with my headset.

To help with these issues, the Ed-Fi Alliance recently launched the Ed-Fi Integration Forum.

This open forum serves as a place for all Community members to ask questions and seek community advice about getting the Ed-Fi platform connected to their vendor systems. The Forum is lightly moderated by the Ed-Fi Alliance staff but — in true Ed-Fi character — it is a mutual-support community forum, with answers coming from the Community.

We invite newer (or OG) Community members to use the forum to seek help on getting vendor systems connected, and we invite OG (or newer) Community members to lend their wisdom and experience there. And thank you all for helping build a community of people and organizations devoted to unlocking the value of data in education.

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