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Technology Providers

Data interoperability is better for education, and it’s better for business. By supporting the Ed-Fi Data Standard, your customers will get far more value out of the data you provide.

MasteryConnect Logo“At MasteryConnect, we’re committed to making data immediate and actionable, and we’re proud to be an Ed-Fi-certified assessment vendor.”

 – Mike Blom, Software Engineer, MasteryConnect

About Ed-Fi

Are you a technology provider, system developer, or software platform serving education clients? If so, you’ve likely been hearing more requests for data interoperability. Your customers want the data from your system to interface seamlessly with other data sources. So how do you achieve this without writing a different integration for every client that requests it? Enter: Ed-Fi! 

Ed-Fi allows you to:

  • Respond to RFPs that requires interoperability 
  • Answer existing client requests for interoperability 
  • Help clients pull multiple data sources into one view 
  • Make your data more valuable to agencies 
  • Reduce costs and customization around data usage
  • Contribute to a more secure student data ecosystem

The bottom line is, data interoperability is in the near future for education. Getting on board now is a good business decision, and it’s the right thing to do for our nation’s teachers and learners. 

Explore Ed-Fi Use Cases

Get Plugged In

Ed-Fi operates much like an open-source community. Through our community-led governance structure, we solicit honest feedback from the field that informs our technical and strategic direction. This collaborative approach is so successful because of the Ed-Fi Community, a nationwide group of highly engaged education technology leaders like you. 

You can join the Ed-Fi Community through our events and webinars, e-newsletters, workgroups, the TechDocs portal, and Slack channels. The best part of the Ed-Fi Community? Everyone is willing to offer helpful guidance and lessons learned from their own implementation journeys. 

While your developers are the ones who will benefit most from creating an Ed-Fi Community Account— which grants access to our technical training, strategic roadmaps, and other resources—we also produce events and content for business leaders and administrators. We believe the whole sector should be conversing about student data and advocating for interoperability. 

Create an Account

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Follow the Technology Provider Playbook

Whether you’re a SIS, Assessment, or another type of technology provider, the best starting point is to get familiar with our primary training resource: The Technology Provider Implementation Playbook. The introduction and beginning sections of this playbook will be most helpful for any individual working at a K-12 technology vendor and interested in Ed-Fi. The sections on API specifications are aimed at software developers (and some business analysts will be able to follow along). 

The Technology Provider Playbook is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through: 

Note: An Ed-Fi Community Account is required to view this guide. Once you’re logged in and reviewing the playbook, you’ll have direct access to the Ed-Fi team if you need any questions answered. 

View Your Playbook (Account Required)

Join the Partner Program

The Ed-Fi Partner Program is a membership program for education technology providers that align with the Ed-Fi Data Standard. Members of the Ed-Fi Partner Program receive the benefit of promotional support from Ed-Fi and can market themselves to our nationwide community of users, including school districts and state education agencies

To qualify as an Ed-Fi Partner, you will need to complete at least one Certification or Badging requirement. You will also be asked to complete an application that includes a product and solution write-up, as well as offer references from active Ed-Fi Community members.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Ed-Fi Partner Program please contact Cesare Tise.

View the Partner Program One-Pager (PDF)