Having technology that originates from and is developed through community-based implementations is not new for Ed-Fi. It’s what we do, every day, to ensure we’re supporting the broader Ed-Fi Community with the technical tools and standards, along with best practices, needed to bring data interoperability to scale in K12 education.

In the spirit of community openness and collaboration, Ed-Fi has opened the Request for Comment (RFC) period for Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.1a to further shape the direction and advancement of the next significant (v2.1) release of the standard. This RFC period, which formalizes and facilitates the gathering of community member input on the technical design of the standard, will address important areas identified through field work on the v2.0 standards. As a result of this community engagement, Ed-Fi will deliver an even stronger and more flexible core data model.

We encourage our community members to submit new RFC feedback. Please note that your login is required for participation in this part of the process and ongoing engagement, though not needed to view the Ed-Fi Tracker where all proposed changes and feedback on those changes is compiled and available to view.

Don’t yet have an account and login to submit your feedback? No problem. Ed-Fi licensees can request one here. Need a quick overview on how to navigate the Tracker or create a new entry? Check out this quick video for helpful tips.

The work we do at Ed-Fi is truly a group effort with all of you that make up this growing and passionate community of education and technology leaders. We look forward to digging into all of the feedback, questions and input, and stay tuned for more developments and progress updates on the v2.1 release.

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