The Technical Advisory Group (or TAG for short) is a group of organizations which meets regularly to provide input on the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap and other technical questions of importance to the Ed-Fi community. 

Membership in the TAG is annual, and we renew that membership each spring. If your organization is interested in participating for the 2021-22 year, we encourage you to apply. 

What is the TAG?

The Alliance and its community rely heavily on the TAG to provide guidance for the technical evolution of the Ed-Fi standards and technology. The TAG itself is a diverse group of organizations, consisting of school districts, state education agencies, and technology vendors. These organizations are experienced in data exchange and management that relies on Ed-Fi’s standards and technology in their operations. 

For more information on the TAG, including current member organizations and notes from past meetings, please visit our Tech Docs website for more information : (requires Ed-Fi login).

In the past 2020-21 year, the TAG has  deep dived into several areas, including the Data Import product roadmap, improving the reliability of vendor API connectivity, strategies to facilitate data movement from the Ed-Fi platform into analytics, approaches to the inherent diversity of ecosystem data, and several other topics. You can find TAG notes online if you are curious to see the topics covered.

Application Timeline

Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Our new Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will be selected and announced later in April. Feel free to contact me directly (on Ed-Fi Slack or via the online form) with any questions. 

Apply now!

Thank you for your continued interest and dedication to helping Ed-Fi solve interoperability!

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