Our mission at Ed-Fi is to make the work of connecting data faster and easier, so you can start seeing the benefits more quickly. Students and teachers are creating more and more data points every day, and, in light of COVID, connected real time data is more important than ever. We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s 2021 CoSN Virtual Conference, there are so many great sessions planned, and below we’ve picked out our top “Can’t Miss” sessions that will help you on your interoperability journey. 

Our first stop: Session: We’re Here to Help

Ed-Fi’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Sean Casey will be hosting a webinar March 4th from 2:15 to 2:45 pm. Be sure to register and join him as he leads the charge with Ed-Fi to showcase three rapid deployment data tools we created from successful school district implementations in the Ed-Fi community, to support you and the needs you are likely facing right now in this school year. Sean will talk about;  Open source app-Project Buzz and how to Tackle Chronic Absenteeism with Real-Time Data

In addition to knowledge-sharing, we’ve got two grand prizes in store for folks that attend our session! Attendees will be entered to win a grand prize full of Ed-Fi swag and surprises. To qualify for the grand prize be sure to register for our session and on the day of follow @edfialliance on Twitter and complete this form as you enter the session. We will let you know at the end of the session who has won! 

Second stop: Session: Crisis-Proof: How Data Interoperability Prepared These Schools for COVID-19 and propelled their digital ecosystem towards inclusion

Data interoperability is crucial for success in education. Join Project Unicorn and school leaders to learn how interoperability implementation kept students learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Discuss challenges schools faced during nationwide closures, how interoperability connects and secures student data, and how Project Unicorn supports districts on this journey.

Third stop: Session: Superintended #AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Leadership and the ability to lead are universal! In this session, a panel of outstanding superintendents, including Ed-Fi Leadership Council member, Scott Muri of Ector County ISD, from across the State of Texas will field questions intended to offer a unique perspective for current and future technology leaders wanting to ensure they align with the vision and a strategic part of the leadership team.

Fourth and final stop: 

Visit Ed-Fi to find resources and solutions to all your interoperability needs. We’ll be there to answer and talk about how Ed-Fi can help connect your education data. Dedicated exhibitor times are as follows:

We look forward to (virtually) seeing everyone at this year’s 2021 CoSN Conference happening March 2nd-4th. Until then, cheers to interoperability and feel free to reach out any time by tweeting us at @edfialliance.

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