In this third installment of our series, school principals from Lubbock Independent School District weigh in on their experiences working with Ed-Fi-powered studentGPS dashboards. As we all know, school principals face an uphill battle everyday as they shepherd an entire school full of students toward academic success. At Atkins Middle School, principals are reclaiming time and student relationships by being able to easily “zero in…and look at multiple factors” impacting student learning. Hear what they have to say about how convenient, comprehensive data-rich insights are helping them connect with students’ needs and reclaim countless hours by minimizing time-intensive administrative tasks.

We applaud the hard work and candid reflections of our colleagues in Lubbock. Their stories of dedication and impact embody the Ed-Fi Alliance’s commitment to make a difference for millions of kids…one teacher, one class, one child at a time. How are actionable, data-driven insights making a difference for kids in your campus, district or state?

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