At Ed-Fi, we know as well as our community members, that change and technology come hand in hand. Technology is ever-evolving to solve existing challenges and meet developing needs – and so are we.

As active players in the digital space, we’ve learned to not only to co-exist with change, but to drive it. To continue building on Ed-Fi’s solid foundation and showcase our commitment to advancement, we’ve reinvented our website to cater to the modern user.

This remodel was inspired by our commitment to always provide our community with the support, resources and information necessary to drive collaboration and change in our industry.

If you haven’t explored the new site, do! We’ve simplified the navigation and made the content more engaging – including our recently-created Ed-Fi Alliance video – to enhance your experience. We will continue leveraging this site as a platform for information and discussion around the Ed-Fi Data Standard, and it will also serve as a channel to showcase the amazing work being done in our community.

While we have a new site, our commitment to improving student learning remains. Amidst near-constant evolution, we know this goal is one thing that will never change.

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