Ed-Fi Announces EdGraph as a Partner for their ODS / API Managed Platform

July 7 , 2021AUSTIN, Texas – Ed-Fi Alliance, a non-profit, dedicated to empowering a community of educators with real-time, comprehensive student data, announces EdGraph as a badged Ed-Fi Technology Partner for their ODS / API Managed Platform. Now there are four ODS/API Manage Platform partners, allowing education agencies that want to implement interoperability to have more choices than ever to partner with Ed-Fi experts that have a proven track record of success. 

“We are thrilled to have EdGraph as an  Ed-Fi partner and congratulate them on their new certification of the ODS / API Managed Platform badge,” said Cesare Tise, Manager of Strategic Partnerships. “Adding more expertise and experienced technical leaders to the Ed-Fi Community means that education agencies have more options to implement Ed-Fi with a partner than ever before.”

The ODS / API Managed Platform Badge demonstrates that State and Local Education Agencies that use EdGraph can be assured that their solution will work seamlessly with Ed-Fi to further connect education data supporting educators and their students.

“Ed-Fi is an incredible and intuitive data standard, with amazing support and an engaged community,” said Jean-Francois Guertin, CTO of EdGraph. “We created EdGraph to provide user-friendly solutions for school districts, collaboratives, states, and other ed-tech vendors so they can tackle big challenges with connected data. By taking the guesswork out of Ed-Fi implementations we are allowing education agencies to focus more on curriculum and instruction.”

EdGraph’s mission is to make it easier for education organizations to adopt Ed-Fi, to lower overall implementation cost and to reduce stress on limited resources. As a primary part of its offering, EdGraph automatically spins up and manages an Ed-Fi ODS / API, keeps pace with Ed-Fi versions and schema changes, runs multiple Ed-Fi versions in parallel for next year prep, and more. And as a managed service platform, they are able to handle all hosting, networking, hardware, and software needs. With hosting flexibility, all or part of the implementation may be hosted locally or in the cloud. For cloud-hosted implementations, hardware and network needs can scale up/down based on use — a potential cost savings.

EdGraph is also a recipient of the Ed-Fi ODS Platform Consumer badge, which demonstrates their knowledge in pulling data into the Ed-Fi ODS. This second badge underscores EdGraph’s commitment to Ed-Fi and to education agencies looking to implement interoperability as part of their IT foundation. 

About The Ed-Fi Alliance
The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nationwide community of leading educators, technologists, and data advocates connecting student data systems in order to transform education. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi aims to boost student achievement by empowering educators with real-time, comprehensive insight into every student.

Ed-Fi technologies streamline data management in school districts and states across the country. By allowing schools to integrate data previously siloed within disconnected tools and software—and organizing it through a single, secure data standard —Ed-Fi solves one of the country’s most perplexing educational challenges: how to get a complete, accurate view of individual student achievement, so that every student can receive the support they need when they need it most.


Learn more about the Ed-Fi Partner Program as well as requirements and a registry for Ed-Fi Certifications; For more information on the Ed-Fi badging program please visit techdocs.ed-fi.org.

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