A single school district can have hundreds of different technology platforms and applications. In most cases educators are required to log into each of these to pull out meaningful data points to support their students. However, as more and more technology providers embrace interoperability; data can be presented in a real-time, comprehensive visualization that includes information from multiple source systems.

This is where the Ed-Fi Partner Program comes in.

For Education Leaders

The list of Ed-Fi Certified and Badged Partners below will help you to easily recognize which technology solutions and providers are both committed to interoperability and have passed high-quality bars. If a vendor is displaying an Ed-Fi Badge or Certification logo, education agencies can be certain that they are working with a provider that is going to help them achieve data interoperability that will ultimately benefit teaching and learning. Visit our registries of Certified Products and Badges to find technology providers that offer products verified to support Ed-Fi standards.

For Vendors

Ed-Fi’s Partner Program provides a way to demonstrate products and offerings that are certified and aligned with the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology Suite. Earning a certification or badge requires that rigorous testing standards are met as well as a number of other important criteria, including transparency reporting and active user references.

Ed-Fi Certifications are available for Student Information Systems and Assessment Providers. The program also includes four badges: API Consumer, API Provider, ODS Platform Consumer, and Managed ODS API Platform. Partner Program members receive a number of benefits including the use of these available insignia:

Watermarked Partner Program Logo
Watermarked Badge-Cert SISWatermarked Badge-Assessment
Watermark Badge-API ConsumerWatermark Badge-API Provider
Watermarked Bade-ODS Platform ConsumerWatermarked Bade-ODS/API Managed

Download the Partner Program Overview

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