Features improved performance, enhanced documentation and flexible metrics

October 6, 2016 – AUSTIN, Texas– Ed-Fi Alliance, LLC, dedicated to improving student achievement and teacher satisfaction by unlocking student data, announced today the public release of Dashboards v2.0.  Substantial upgrades were made to this release of the dashboards in response to feedback from Ed-Fi licensees. The new release delivers significant build time improvements, adds configuration options to reduce the need for extensions, completes visualization drill-downs that were missing from previous versions and delivers several bug fixes. Ed-Fi licensees can take advantage of these upgrades by accessing the Dashboards v2.0 in the Alliance’s GitHub repository.

“Ed-Fi Dashboards have become a valuable tool that state and local education agencies have implemented to get actionable information into the hands of teachers and administrators,” said Chris Moffatt, Technology Director, Ed-Fi Alliance. “The updates available today build on the functionality and technical foundation created in earlier versions. This update delivers 2.4x performance improvement on nightly builds and ensures the dashboards can scale to millions of students.”

Ed-Fi Dashboards include a simple, user-friendly interface with metrics that provide educators a complete picture of student performance. The research-based metrics included in the dashboards are leading indicators of student achievement. A primary goal of the Dashboard v2.0 release was to reduce the time required to calculate metrics, particularly for implementations with large numbers of student records.  Additional features of Ed-Fi Dashboards v2.0 include;

  • Documentation and testing improvements with clearly articulated business rules and reusable unit tests
  • Flexible assessment visualizations that accommodate a wide range of student assessment results
  • New metric settings configuration options, such as custom grading scale and custom graduation plans
  • Backward compatibility & legacy support
  • Several bug fixes

Complete information detailing the many new features, enhancements and code changes are available from the Ed-Fi Alliance TechDocs site here.


About the Ed-Fi Alliance Ed-Fi Alliance, LLC, is dedicated to empowering educators with real-time, actionable education data on every student in their classrooms, schools, districts or states. Ed-Fi technology consists of a blueprint for connecting data systems combined with practical tools designed in collaboration with educators and ed-tech professionals in the field. This community continually updates the components and features of the Ed-Fi solution, and the organization actively solicits feedback and input from licensees and education technology leaders to make sure its technology makes a real difference in improving student achievement and teacher satisfaction. The Ed-Fi Alliance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

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