At the beginning of the summer, we asked our community members to submit session proposals for the Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp. We received many great suggestions and have spent the past couple months reviewing and building out the schedule, making sure that each session covers the topics most meaningful to our community. With the Summit mere months away, we’re excited to unveil this year’s agenda. Here are a few quick highlights:

  • Attendees can choose from a number of sessions covering a variety of topics, from data privacy and longitudinal data systems, to civil rights data collection and the ground-breaking Project Unicorn.
  • Sessions are led by members within the community who are passionate about what they do, you’ll hear from educators, technologists and leaders in ed-tech. For additional perspective, attendees will hear from Ed-Fi staff on a number of important topics; including an Ed-Fi primer for non-technical folks, an overview of the ODS/API and a discussion on the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap. With a broad group of session leaders, attendees will receive a well-rounded dialogue and diverse summit experience.
  • At the end of each day, the learning and opportunities to further engage with peers don’t stop. There will be plenty of informal and casual networking events hosted by our community members Certica Solutions and UPD Consulting where attendees can engage with their peers and reflect on the sessions.

Check out the available details on the daily Summit activity, and if you haven’t already, register for the Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp today. See you there!

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