The Ed-Fi Alliance continues to be on a mission to provide solutions for Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) to get quality, timely data in the hands of our educators. Providing EPPs with a lens to gain a better understanding of their programs and enhance reflection on candidate support.  

Over the course of last year, we worked on delivering and refining the Program Diversity and Persistence Starter Kitand the Clinical Experience and Performance Starter Kitwith the goal to help EPPs answer their most pressing questions.   

In May of 2021, we launched the EPP Starter Kit Pilot Cohort to learn more about the usefulness of the solution in the field. EPPs who participated in the pilot cohort received access to expert technical advisors, topical sessions, and resources to strengthen their efforts 

By the end of implementation period, four pilot EPPs – University or La Verne, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Texas A&M International, and Alabama A&M University, successfully stood up an Ed-Fi backed Power BI dashboard, connecting their data through a secure data standard to gain powerful insights about their educator candidates and programs. Learn more about the Starter Kit cohort from EPPs who participated in 2021.

“Before the partnership with the Ed-Fi Alliance, we were data rich, but wisdom poor. In other words, we could access pieces of data in different areas, but we had a jigsaw in pieces, without a clear, coherent picture of what was really going on.” Professor James O’Meara, Dean of the College of Education | Texas A&M International University

What’s next? Ed-Fi is launching the 2022 EPP Starter Kit Cohort

To build on the success of 2021, we are launching the 2022 Starter Kit Cohort. We have taken learnings gained from the 2021 pilot cohort, refining the process of implementation and the maturation of the Starter Kits.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in the 2022 Starter Kit Cohort, please attend our informational webinar on March 10th from 1:00PM – 2:00PM CST please visit our 2022 EPP Starter Kit Cohort webpage.

Contact Lindsey Judd, Community Manager, at if you have any questions.

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