Last year at the Summit, 38% of attendees were brand-new to Ed-Fi. This year we are already anticipating that we’ll have even more first-time attendees!

In addition to a number of sessions specifically geared for new attendees in mind, we also have the Technical Bootcamp which will kick off on Thursday. The bootcamp is a series of in-depth technical training sessions, designed to help you with a planned or current Ed-Fi implementation. If you are a technical resource for your organization you definitely won’t want to miss out on the Bootcamp, especially if you are just getting started with Ed-Fi.

The agenda is packed full of great content and if you’re new this might be a little overwhelming. Wondering where to start and which sessions will be the best use of your time? We’ve put together a handy Ed-Fi Rookie Playlist just for you. You can view the full agenda and registration information here.

See you in October!

Ed-Fi Rookie Playlist

Tuesday, Oct 9

12:30 pm      Welcome Lunch

1:45 pm        Start Here: Ed-Fi for Non-Technical Leaders

2:45 pm        Calling All Unicorns

4:00 pm        Operational Playbook: Best Practices for Ed-Fi Implementations in SEAs

5:00 pm        Read out from the Working Group Sessions

6:30 pm        Networking Reception hosted by Certica Solutions


Wednesday, Oct 10

8:00 am        Kickoff Keynote & Breakfast

9:30 am        Empowering Teachers & Families with Data: Voices from the Field

10:30 am      Ed-Fi Communications 101

11:30 am      View from Beyond the Edge: Ed-Fi in Tulsa Public Schools

12:30 pm      Keynote & Lunch

1:45 pm        The Nuts, Bolts, and “Wish I Would Have Knowns” of our Ed-Fi Implementation

2:45 pm        Assessment: The Next Frontier

4:00 pm        Rapid Development of Reports and Apps for Ed-Fi

5:00 pm        District Ed-Fi Adoption

6:30 pm        Networking Reception hosted by Amazon Web Services

Thursday, Oct 11

8:00 am        2019 Community Awards & Breakfast

9:30 am        Bootcamp: Ed-Fi Technology 101

10:30 am      District Ed-Fi Adoption

12:30 pm      Fireside Chat with Ed-Fi Leaders & Lunch

2:00 pm        Bootcamp SEA & LEA: Using ODS/API in the Cloud -or-Bootcamp Vendor: v3.0 Data Management API

2:45 pm        Bootcamp SEA & LEA: Data Standard Changes in v3.0 and v3.1-or- Bootcamp Vendor: Assessment API

3:45 pm        Bootcamp LEA: Data Import -or- Bootcamp SEA: Extensions & MetaEd -or- Bootcamp Vendor: Ed-Fi Certification

6:30 pm        Networking Reception hosted by UPD Consulting


Friday, Oct 12

8:00 am        Breakfast

9:00 am        Bootcamp: Best Practices from the Community part 1

10:00 am      Bootcamp: Best Practices from the Community part 2

11:00 am      Bootcamp: Tech Town Hall

12:30 pm      Closing Lunch



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