The Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is the oldest continuously operating governance group in the Ed-Fi community; it is the group – literally – around which all over Ed-Fi governance structures grew. 

The TAG’s unique role is to act as a standing body that can tackle the most complex and difficult technical challenges and decision points faced by the community. It is the group to which we turn when complex or high-stakes roadmap choices face the Ed-Fi technology development efforts. It is also the body that provides the first level of critical feedback on the evolution of Ed-Fi data standards, and inspects the outcomes of Ed-Fi Special Interest Groups.

The TAG is reconstituted annually (BTW – applications for the 2020 TAG are open –  if you are interested in learning more, please see this article), so as the current TAG draws to a close, we want to issue a special thanks for those organizations and people who supported this effort in the past year. These individuals carved out time for Ed-Fi and recognized the importance of our work for the larger K12 education community. 

Adult student holding laptop

Before we get to the names, I’d like to share some of what the TAG did. The 2019-20 TAG took on a number of challenging topics; a subset of those are:

  • Determining a strategy and cadence for releasing breaking changes
  • Identifying strategies for improving API error messages to add efficiency to problem resolution
  • Unblocking an approach to the overlap on survey and assessment APIs and data domains
  • Ongoing prioritization of roadmap deliverables, including support for .NET core, PostgreSQL support, and multi-tenancy 
  • Input on a community approaches to data quality and rules engine roadmap items (in concert with the SIG on that topic)
  • Ongoing feedback on domain models, including specific inputs into student transcript modeling and roster modeling
  • Analysis and multiple contributions to Tech Congress program 

The organizations and folks at those organizations we would like to sincerely thank for their time and effort for a larger purpose: 

  • Jeffco Public Schools – Gary Johnson
  • INsite – Rosh Dhanawade
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools – Veronica Amundson
  • San Diego County Office of Education – J. Pablo Rodriguez
  • Student1 – Geoff McElhanon
  • Wisconsin DPI – Thomas Christensen
  • Certica Solutions – Jim McKay
  • Metro Nashville Public Schools – Lee Barber
  • InnovateEDU – Marcos Alcozer
  • Education Analytics – Andrew Rice
  • Skyward Inc. – Neal Schuh
  • Arizona Department of Education – Britto Augustine
  • Infinite Campus – Jennifer Downey

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