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Dallas Promise: Leveraging Ed-Fi Technology for College & Career Readiness

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Boston Public Schools: Centralizing Systems With Ed-Fi

“Ed-Fi helps us solve the challenges we’re facing with data by being a data standard—both as a data transfer tool, as well as a data persistence tool. In other words, a way in which we can store and hang onto data and come back to it.”

-Tim Read, Data Integration Lead
Boston Public Schools

Ed-Fi at the Heart of Delaware’s Early Warning System

The time necessary for system development was greatly reduced due to the Delaware Department of Education’s collaborative partnership with the Ed-Fi Alliance. The help provided by the Ed-Fi Alliance enabled the DDOE to implement the Early Warning System plug-in in a short timeframe and at a significantly reduced cost.”

Delaware Department of Education

Achievement First: Cost-Effective Scalability with Ed-Fi

“We take a very data-driven and open-source approach to education. We like to be able to utilize the data our students are producing—how they’re doing on assessments, how they’re doing on state tests—to improve our curriculum, and then we want to share those insights so they don’t only affect our students but they can affect and improve the education of students everywhere in America.”

-Briana Porter, Full Stack Developer
Achievement First

Spring Branch ISD: How Ed-Fi Improves Vendor Accessibility

“We’re a district that really struggles financially, so when we see products that talk in a standard way it’s easier for us to integrate and also to serve up that data. When vendors are certified [with Ed-Fi] it makes it easy.”

-Christina Masick, CIO
Spring Branch ISD

Uncommon Schools: Simplifying Systems & Tools With Ed-Fi

“We have schools in three different states and that can often pose a challenge, so Ed-Fi is really crucial in allowing us to collect the data in a unified way and allowing our systems to speak to one another. Ed-Fi is the perfect fit for us because it really provides us the opportunity to speak with other organizations and districts, hear about what they’re doing, share what we’ve done that’s worked well, and hopefully come up with better solutions in the future.”

-Laura Ginsberg, IT Project Manager
Uncommon Schools

Getting Data into the Hands of Educators in Volusia County Schools

When your district is smoothly rolling, looking at data, your teachers have access to everything immediately at their fingertips… it’s invaluable.”

-Matt Houston, IT Manager
Volusia County Schools