A Complete Picture of Student Success

The Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) leverages the Ed-Fi Data Standard and technologies to integrate data from Teacher Preparation Programs (TPPs) and state and local education agencies. 

When Teacher Preparation Dashboards are used with this model, rich, connected information enables those training teachers to make data-driven decisions and program improvements. TPDM enables TPPs to ensure that early career teachers are entering the classroom fully equipped to support each and every one of their students.

“This is a game changer for our program! We can use strong data and move away from anecdotal information. We can assess the quality of our graduates and the rigor of our work. There will be no more excuses; we’ll have the data necessary to accurately inform program improvements and ensure program quality.” 

– Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Student Success, and P-16 Integration, University of Texas—Rio Grande Valley 

How it Works


Education institutions, such as TPPs and state and local education agencies, house and standardize data from several sources—including enrollment, course, assessment, field placement, and survey data—in the TPDM Operational Data Store.


This standardized, interoperable data flows into Teacher Preparation Dashboards so it’s easy for faculty and education agency staff to analyze how teacher candidates and early career teachers are performing in the classroom.


By continuing to collect high-quality, actionable data in real-time, faculty can base program improvements on how their candidates and program completers are actually performing in the classroom—not just on anecdotal information from schools.


Having been trained and assessed in data-driven practices, new teachers are ready to incorporate evidence-based instruction in their classrooms. Their teaching methods are founded in what works to support every student.


To learn more about our Teacher Prep Data Model, contact:

Nancy Smith, TPDM Community Manager, nancy.smith@ed-fi.org

Steven Arnold, TPDM Development Lead, steven.arnold@ed-fi.org