As more and more innovative approaches for assessment, curriculum and classroom support spring out of the Ed-Tech community it is increasingly important to have a common language that all players can build on. This allows the biggest ed-tech providers down to the most cutting-edge startups to have a scalable entry point into the market. This is where Ed-Fi thrives.

Transparent Roadmap

At every step of the way Ed-Fi makes community engagement in the technology roadmap a priority. Updated every quarter and continuously available to community members, the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap is a guide for our vendor and partner community so they always know what’s coming next. This transparent approach allows for product alignment and stronger product support and integration from all our partners.

Map Data Sets, Once

With Ed-Fi, technology providers can seamlessly map data sets into their systems. Using the ODS, any program can plug into the data, simply populating their own application with valuable information sets. Once you’ve built on Ed-Fi you’ve got a simple and easily replicated tool standardized information is available in one place to support your own value proposition.

Save Time and Money

System Integrators and consultants have a tough job. Each school district or SEA that they work with has hundreds of technical requirements and are using a myriad of applications. This means every new technology implementation is a custom job. Not with Ed-Fi. When Ed-Fi is at the foundational layer, you can replicate solutions making your time to launch faster, saving you and schools time money and resources.