Our Mission

To empower educators with real-time, comprehensive data from any technology tool, supporting every learner’s success.

Our Vision

In every classroom, every teacher can see all of the data related to every student, in real-time. With these insights at their fingertips, teachers are free to do what they’re called to do: deliver the finest education possible. No more wasted weekends trying to make sense of outdated data in spreadsheets, no more disconnected data systems, no more seeing technology as a burden. Personalized learning is the new normal.

In every school district, every superintendent and school board instantly understand how their schools, students, and teachers are performing. With total information at their fingertips—not just test scores, but every data point that influences how students learn—district leadership can make smarter strategic decisions about how they deploy resources both now and for the future.

In every state education agency, education leaders gather district-level data reports regularly, efficiently, and accurately. With all student data speaking the same language, the state agency can effectively use federal support funding and better allocate its resources and policy priorities.

For education technology providers, we envision a future where technology platforms all speak the same language while retaining the unique product features that make them valuable. When all platforms are unified through interoperability they are able to securely bring data in and out in order to better serve educators and learners.

Our Guiding Principles


Interoperability is a big challenge that requires all hands on deck. No one organization, company, school or state has all the tools or expertise required to meet the larger need, and we must collaborate and work together to find solutions now. Collaboration is at the heart of the Ed-Fi Alliance.


We pride ourselves on being transparent with the Ed-Fi Community and within the larger education sector. Our mission, goals, and our operations live in plain view.


We are solving an entrenched problem in order to support educators and students. Our work is driven by a profound responsibility to the communities that we serve. We must work with urgency to find solutions where they exist, and meet the demands of the sector where they are.


We are led by our users and are agile enough to meet their needs while following a structured roadmap to execute on our shared vision. Our governance structure ensures that community voices and expert opinions are woven into our decision-making process.

Free and Open

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is free and fully open for anyone to use without a license. We have no profit motive, so we can focus on what educators and students need. All of the Ed-Fi code is free of charge.

Continuous Improvement

We learn by doing, we are action-oriented, and we are continuously improving on our processes, our technology, and our community engagement.