Once you’ve joined the Ed-Fi community, you can now use any number of helpful tools that make the most of your newly integrated data.

Ed-Fi technology—which includes the tools that make implementation of Ed-Fi quick and easy and the applications that help educators visualize their data—are regularly improved and expanded. 

Learn more about each of our most popular technology solutions:

  • Operational Data Store and API

    Your Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) allows you to store information from multiple systems into a central location. Think of it as secure platform for all of your information. The API, meanwhile, offers a developer-friendly interface to create, read, and update data stored in the ODS.

  • Analytics Middle Tier

    The Analytics Middle Tier is a set of analytics views over the database tables backing an Ed-Fi ODS / API that make it easy for a district analyst to build intelligent reporting from data in the Ed-Fi ODS.

  • Admin App

    The Ed-Fi ODS / API Admin App is a web-based administrative interface for the Ed-Fi ODS / API.

  • Data Import

    The Data Import tool simplifies the loading of CSV data into an Ed-Fi ODS / API. The tool handles domains where vendor integration to the Ed-Fi APIs is not yet available or nonexistent from legacy data sources.

  • Ed-Fi Exchange

    States, Districts, and the Ed-Fi Alliance contribute solutions to the Ed-Fi Exchange that may be downloaded by other Ed-Fi Licensees. Ed-Fi Exchange contributions may take the form of Data Standard Extensions, ODS and API Extensions, and Dashboard Plugins. In addition, higher-level contributions such as Technical White Papers and Implementation Project Overviews may be contributed to assist other licensees implementing Ed-Fi. The goal is to make the Ed-Fi Community greater than the sum of its parts by openly sharing innovations aligned to the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

  • MetaEd IDE

    The Ed-Fi Data Standard is highly flexible. The MetaEd IDE is the tool that makes customization easy. Using it, your technology specialists can simply create new data elements and align them with your overall data architecture.