State after state is adopting Ed-Fi because it makes statewide reporting and data integration secure, simple, and affordable.

Ed-Fi isn’t another complicated piece of software to adopt. Instead, Ed-Fi offers state education agencies an easy-to-implement data standard that every school district uses to record and compile student information. Ed-Fi is a common “language” that makes comprehensive, accurate reporting and data analysis possible.

Secure & Private Data

At every step—from the entry of data at the school level to the delivery and integration of data at the state level—Ed-Fi prioritizes privacy and security:

  • At no point does Ed-Fi have access to any educational data.
  • At every point, data is protected by the latest security guidelines.
  • Any education technology that adopts the Ed-Fi Data Standard must first adhere to the strictest security practices available.

Ed-Fi eliminates the current security risk involved in shuffling data back and forth between teachers, principals, and administrators using spreadsheets, print-outs, and email.

Improved Data Quality & Reporting

Improved data quality and automation for federal reporting is a long-held priority for SEAs. Now it’s easier than ever—thanks to a partnership between the Ed-Fi Alliance and the Center for the Integration of IDEA Data (CIID), a technical assistance center funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs. With CIID’s free Generate application, Ed-Fi-enabled SEAs can more easily compile and submit reporting for EDFacts. Using Ed-Fi’s new Generate plugin, you can seamlessly load your state’s data into the Generate application leveraging the CEDS Integrated Data Store to create an end-to-end solution for federal reporting.

Learn more about the Generate plugin here, Ed-Fi-GeneratePlugin-OnePager-Final. 

Zero Fees

Ed-Fi charges zero fees.

As a nonprofit organization fully funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi is driven by a mission: To boost student achievement by empowering educators with comprehensive insight into their students using a simple, secure standard that connects all educational data systems.

In other words, Ed-Fi isn’t interested in accessing your data (it can’t and won’t) or making a profit (our endowment covers our costs). Our singular drive is to allow every level of educator to make informed decisions.

Simple & Flexible

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is an elegantly simple (and comprehensive) set of rules for how data systems record and organize data. Think of Ed-Fi as the blueprints for how educational software, tools, and applications are built to ensure maximum connection.

But each state has unique IT and data policies. So Ed-Fi has been designed to be flexible and scalable. Whatever your state’s needs, challenges, or technology situation, Ed-Fi will seamlessly fit—and, finally, bring all your data into a usable format.

How Wisconsin is Using Ed-Fi

See how Wisconsin has adopted Ed-Fi statewide—and is already seeing the impressive benefits.