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Teacher Prep Programs

One of the best predictors of a great student outcome is having a great teacher in the classroom. Ed-Fi supports Teacher Prep Programs in their quest to become more data-driven, assisting them to prepare highly effective teacher candidates.

“This is a game-changer for our program! We can use strong data and move away from anecdotal information. We can assess the quality of our graduates and the rigor of our work. There will be no more excuses; we’ll have the data necessary to accurately inform program improvements and ensure program quality.”

– Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Student Success, and P-16 Integration, University of Texas—Rio Grande Valley 


Using the Teacher Prep Data Model, your Teacher Preparation Program can integrate data about your program and teacher candidates from pre-service to in-service and provide real-time insights to stakeholders. By connecting data systems and visualizing the insights, you’ll be equipped to answer key questions about how your program is preparing future teachers.   

Ed-Fi’s Teacher Prep Data Model can help you connect and visualize the following source information (and more):

  • Teacher Prep Program data (e.g. programs, cohorts)
  • Assessment, surveys, observations, grades, and transcripts
  • Fieldwork placement and courses
  • Graduate employment and certification data (state agency data)
  • K-12 student outcomes (school district data)

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Ed-Fi operates much like an open-source community. Through our community-led governance structure, we solicit honest feedback from the field that informs our technical and strategic direction. This collaborative approach is so successful because of the Ed-Fi Community—a nationwide group of highly engaged education technology leaders like you. 

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Implement the Teacher Prep Data Model

If you’re ready to explore our Teacher Prep Data Model (TPDM) and the impact it can have for your program, contact us! TPDM is in its early stages, so we can help you build your implementation plan and will gladly connect you with other programs that are successfully using the Teacher Preparation extensions. 

To learn more about our Teacher Prep Data Model, contact:

Nancy Smith, TPDM Community Manager,

Steven Arnold, TPDM Development Lead,