In response to the Ed-Fi Community’s rapid growth, we’ve also been growing, making a handful of key hires over the past few months to ensure we are actively supporting the community that is tirelessly working to drive data interoperability in education.  As we continue to expand our Ed-Fi team, we strive to be big enough to be effective while small enough to be nimble and responsive to our community’s needs.

The Ed-Fi team are folks who are as dedicated to tackling today’s challenges in education as you are. And we’re dedicated to supporting the Ed-Fi Community, whether that means answering a quick or complex question, making a connection or helping you get ramped up on the data standard. Call on us anytime, we love to hear from our community.

  • Andie Iverson: Administrative Assistant
  • Caroline Kazmierski: Director of Marketing Communications
  • Chris Moffatt: Director of Technology
  • Cy Jones: Senior Software Engineer
  • Eric Jansson: Senior Program Manager
  • Maureen Wentworth: Strategic Partnerships Manager
  • Sayee Srinivasan: Solutions Architect
  • Sean Casey: Strategic Partnerships Manager
  • Shannon Kerlick: Software Solutions Architect
  • Troy Wheeler: President
  • Vinaya Mayya: Software Development Lead

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