The Ed-Fi Community Kit

This collection of resources will help you spread the word about data interoperability and your work with Ed-Fi. If you are interested in presenting about Ed-Fi and would like a presentation deck, or have any questions about these materials, feel free to contact:  



Ed-Fi Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

This page and the embedded video are great to share when you’re explaining what the Ed-Fi Alliance is, and how we are unique from other data standards and technology solutions. 
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Ed-Fi Messaging Guide

This guide will equip you with Ed-Fi’s messaging, branding and logo usage guidlines.
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Ed-Fi Brand Standards and Logo Usage

This guide will equip you to explain what Ed-Fi is, who we serve, and why it matters.
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What Ed-Fi Is & What it Isn’t

This blog post includes responses to some common myths and misunderstandings about Ed-Fi.
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The Ed-Fi Governance Structure

This blog post includes information about the leadership, special interest groups, industry experts and others who comprise our decision-making body.
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Ed-Fi Videos

Our Vimeo page has lots of great video content to help you explain Ed-Fi, including testimonials and success stories.
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Ed-Fi Generate Plugin One-Pager

A handout for SEAs on simplifying federal reporting with the Ed-Fi and CIID Generate Plugin.
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Certified Partner Program One-Pager

A handout on the process and benefits of becoming an Ed-Fi Certified technology provider.
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Use Cases Document

Clarity around how the Ed-Fi Alliance Standards and IMS Global Learning Consortium® Standards can be used in support of educators is a common and increasingly frequent request from the Ed-Fi Community.

In many cases, Ed-Fi and IMS Global standards often seek to solve different problems, and therefore a better understanding of the tools and functionality available for various use cases is important to selecting the best solution for a given use case.  The objective of this document is to provide a high-level overview of potential solutions to the most common use cases for the Ed-Fi Community.
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Ed-Fi One-Pager

A handout on how Ed-Fi is connecting student data. Once. And for all.

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State Education Agency One-Pager

A handout for SEAs on data connectivity, quality, security, and streamlined reporting.

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