Together with our partners, we’ve produced the following resources and pieces of research to inform our work and our community of Ed-Fi users.

Ed-Fi also offers ample technical documentation and training through Ed-Fi Academy and TechDocs

Ed-Fi Resources

White Paper: Recommendations For Building Framework To Measure Attendance Data Across Learning Models

A a series of recommendations and technical guidance regarding better understanding student modality, attendance, and engagement data during COVID, entitled; Marked Present: Recommendations for Building a Framework to Measure Attendance Data Across Learning Models.

A Practical Guide to Interoperability Use Cases

Clarity around how the Ed-Fi Alliance Standards and IMS Global Learning Consortium® Standards can be used in support of educators is a common and increasingly frequent request from the Ed-Fi Community. 

In many cases, Ed-Fi and IMS Global standards often seek to solve different problems, and therefore a better understanding of the tools and functionality available for various use cases is important to select the best solution for a given use case. 

Ed-Fi Community Kit

This collection of communications tools will help you spread the word about data interoperability and your work with Ed-Fi. If you’re interested in presenting about Ed-Fi and would like access to a presentation deck, or have any questions about these materials, feel free to contact  

Partner Resources

CoSN 2020 IT Leadership Survey 

Each year, CoSN’s survey of school district IT departments across the country gauges top technology-related priorities, challenges, and where districts currently stand on the path to data interoperability. Ed-Fi partnered with CoSN on the interoperability section of this survey. 

Our Take on the Results >

CoSN Interoperability Maturity Model & Resources

CoSN developed this toolkit—which includes an interoperability maturity model, cost calculator, case studies, and RFPs—to help school districts assess their options and make interoperability happen. 

Project Unicorn Pledge & Resources

For those school districts, administrators, or vendors just setting out on the path to interoperability, Project Unicorn is a great place to start! They offer comprehensive resources and a pledge to demonstrate your commitment.

Digital Promise Data Interoperability Resources

Digital Promise is another great starting point! Check out their helpful interoperability explainer videos and other resources. Their League of Innovative Schools innovation portfolios showcase school districts that have successfully implemented Ed-Fi to enhance teaching and learning.

INSite White Paper: Beyond Certification. Building Productive Relationships With Source Systems Vendors

As an educational org, there are several ways in which you can help vendor relationships be efficient and effective in terms of meeting your users’ needs regarding data populating the ODS. In this white paper, INSite outlines four overarching strategies for building fruitful relationships with vendors.

Why Teachers Need Interoperability — Whether They Know It or Not

Without even knowing it, teachers can use the hidden magic of interoperability to connect the dots of a student’s learning journey. What does that process look like in practice? And what challenges exist to designing interoperable features with teachers in mind? To find out, EdSurge Research spoke with a few of the companies leading the charge for interoperable solutions in schools.

Why the Pandemic Forces Administrators to Rethink Attendance — and Interoperability

The rules of attendance are being rewritten—and regularly revised—during the pandemic. What does it mean for a student to be present during hybrid or remote instruction? What happens to those students who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend classes online? EdSurge Research spoke with companies who hope to answer these questions and more, tackling a complex problem with the sophistication of interoperability.