Ready to start using the data you’re already collecting and seamlessly connect systems? We’ve been waiting for you.

With anything new there is a learning curve. But using the following readiness checklist will help ensure that you’ve got everything you need for a successful Ed-Fi implementation.

  1. Inventory your critical systems like student information systems, assessment platforms, LMS’s etc. to discover which ones already support Ed-Fi.  If they are not currently on the list, join the community and we will work with you to help onboard them.
  2. If you’re planning to leverage Ed-Fi standards or technologies as part of a larger software/ IT system initiative, review the model RFP language to support your procurement department.
  3. Alert your legal team that you’ll need to sign a software license. Review the sample license.
  4. Determine if your state or district is already a member of the Ed-Fi Community.
  5. Begin to familiarize yourself and your team members with the publicly-available resources, like our resource-rich knowledge base and Ed-Fi Tech Docs.
  6. Consider which deployment option will be the best fit for your environment.
    1. In your own data center
    2. Ed-Fi’s Cloud ODS option
    3. Platform-as-a-Service on the Microsoft Azure Platform or Amazon Web Services
  7. We strongly suggest you review our partner network and engage a system integrator.
  8. Once your license is fully executed, perform technical due diligence by deep diving into the code to further investigate and research the technical artifacts. View Ed-Fi’s API documentation and demonstration.