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Unlock the Power of Ed-Fi in 4 Simple Steps

Ed-Fi is making educational data fully accessible for the first time—empowering educators and administrators with a complete picture of their students, schools, and districts.

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Complete the Checklist

Completing these basic steps will ensure that you are ready to plan your Ed-Fi implementation. Click on each item to learn more.

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Request Your Ed‑Fi License

Signing your Ed-Fi License Agreement will give you full access to Ed-Fi—its technologies, code base, etc. You can read the full license here.

Simply complete this form and we’ll email you a DocuSign version of the license, which you can complete online. This process usually takes less than one (1) business day.

And then you’re ready to harness the power of Ed-Fi!

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Join the Ed‑Fi Community!

The Ed-Fi Community is a vibrant, nationwide team of educators and technologists who are reimagining the power of educational data.

The Ed-Fi Community is where your questions are answered, your opinions are heard, and the future is shaped.

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